Total Number of NFL Coaches Resigned in 2024

As of today, January 11, 2024, there have been no official resignations from NFL head coaches in 2024. The coaching carousel this year has been dominated by firings, with several high-profile names like Pete Carroll (Seattle Seahawks), Mike Vrabel (Tennessee Titans), Ron Rivera (Washington Commanders), and Arthur Smith (Atlanta Falcons) all losing their jobs.

There have been a few instances of coaches stepping down from their positions due to health reasons or other personal circumstances, but these wouldn’t be classified as “resignations” in the traditional sense. For example, Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore took a leave of absence in October 2023 to deal with a family health issue, and it’s unclear if or when he will return to coaching.

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Here’s a table summarizing the NFL head coach changes that have taken place so far in 2024:

TeamPrevious CoachReason for DepartureInterim CoachNew Coach
Atlanta FalconsArthur SmithFiredNoneTBD
Carolina PanthersFrank ReichFiredChris TaborTBD
Las Vegas RaidersJosh McDanielsFiredRich BisacciaTBD
Los Angeles ChargersBrandon StaleyFiredJoe LombardiTBD
Seattle SeahawksPete CarrollStepped downNoneTBD
Tennessee TitansMike VrabelFiredKeith ArmstrongTBD
Washington CommandersRon RiveraFiredJack Del RioTBD
Table of total number of coaches fired in 2024
Josh McDaniels

It’s still early in the offseason, so there’s always a chance that we could see some resignations from NFL coaches in the coming weeks or months. However, for now, the list of “resigned” coaches in 2024 remains empty.

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