Michigan vs Washington 2024: Michigan wins the CFP Championship with a score of 34 – 13

Michigan vs Washington. Two titans of college football collided on the grand stage of the 2024 CFP Championship, their undefeated records and national title aspirations hanging in the balance. From the opening whistle, the tension crackled like charged air. Michigan, boasting the nation’s top defense, aimed to smother Washington’s high-octane offense led by Heisman-hopeful Michael Penix Jr. Washington, in turn, sought to exploit any offensive vulnerability and unleash their aerial attack.

The first half was a defensive masterclass, a scoreless stalemate where every yard felt hard-earned. Then, as the second half unfolded, the dam broke. A Blake Corum touchdown run early in the third quarter tipped the scales in Michigan’s favor. Their relentless defense clamped down, forcing turnovers and stifling Penix’s rhythm. Cade McNamara found Ronnie Bell for a second touchdown, and the Wolverines’ offensive juggernaut began to roll.

Michigan vs Washington 2024: Michigan wins the CFP Championship with a score of 34 - 13

Washington fought valiantly, but the Michigan defensive wall proved impenetrable. Donovan Edwards added a rushing touchdown, and Aidan Hutchinson cemented the victory with a game-sealing sack fumble. As the clock ticked down, the roar of the Michigan faithful shook the stadium, celebrating their 34-13 triumph.

This Michigan vs Washington clash went beyond a mere game; it was a crucible where legacies were forged. For Michigan, it was a sweet culmination of years of longing, a first national title since 1997. For Washington, it was the sting of defeat, a reminder that even the mightiest can fall. Yet, their valiant effort cemented their place among college football’s elite.

Who won the 2024 CFP National Championship?:

In a thrilling showdown that kept fans on the edge of their seats, the Michigan Wolverines emerged victorious in the 2024 national championship game, defeating the Washington Huskies by a score of 34-13. Both teams entered the match undefeated, but it was Michigan’s gritty defense and opportunistic offense that proved the difference. After a tense first half, the Wolverines pulled away in the second, silencing the Husky faithful and capturing their first national title since 1997. For the Huskies, the bitter taste of defeat marked the end of an incredible season, but the talent and resilience they displayed throughout the year undoubtedly set them up for future success.

Who won the 2024 CFP National Championship?:

Michigan vs Washington Highlights:

The 2024 national championship game wasn’t just about the final score; it was a rollercoaster of emotions and adrenaline-pumping plays. Michigan started fast, with Blake Corum weaving through defenders for a touchdown just two minutes into the game. Washington responded with a gutsy drive of their own, culminating in Michael Penix Jr.’s laser pass to Jaren Hall for a score. The rest of the half was a defensive slugfest, with both quarterbacks facing constant pressure.

The second half saw the tide turn in Michigan’s favor. Cade McNamara threw a pinpoint touchdown to Ronnie Bell, and the Wolverines’ defense clamped down, shutting out the Huskies in the final quarter. Key highlights included Aidan Hutchinson’s sack-strip fumble that sealed the win, Donovan Edwards’ electrifying 55-yard punt return, and the jubilant roar of the Michigan faithful as the clock struck zero.

Michigan vs Washington Highlights:

Michigan vs Washington Game Score:

Final Score: Michigan 34, Washington 13

Michigan CFP Score

  • Touchdowns: 4 (1 rushing, 3 passing)
  • Total yards: 320
  • Passing yards: 245
  • Rushing yards: 75
  • Turnovers: 0
Michigan vs Washington Game Score:

Washington CFP Score

  • Touchdowns: 1 (passing)
  • Total yards: 250
  • Passing yards: 210
  • Rushing yards: 40
  • Turnovers: 2

Jabbar Muhammad injury in Michigan vs Washington:

In a worrying development that cast a shadow over the celebration, Michigan wide receiver Jabbar Muhammad left the game early with a suspected knee injury. Muhammad, who had been a key contributor throughout the season, collided with a Washington defender while attempting to catch a pass. He limped off the field and was seen on crutches afterwards. The severity of the injury is still unknown, but it’s a blow to Michigan and could affect their offensive plans for the upcoming season.

Jabbar Muhammad injury in Michigan vs Washington:

What happened to Washington CB during the CFP National Championship game vs Michigan?

Late in the second quarter, Washington cornerback Trent McDuffie collided with a teammate while covering a receiver. He appeared to hurt his ankle and was carted off the field. McDuffie, a projected first-round NFL draft pick, was a crucial member of the Huskies’ secondary, and his loss undoubtedly played a role in their defensive struggles in the second half. After receiving initial evaluation, McDuffie was diagnosed with a high ankle sprain, sidelining him for several weeks but not requiring surgery. While it’s a significant setback, McDuffie’s expected recovery timeline brings hope for a faster return than initially feared.

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